“Memory Machine” is an explorative prototype led by me and developed in order of Amcha Germany e.V. in which the players are guided through the events and consequences of the Holocaust using puzzle mechanics. The game shows an abstracted Auschwitz at different historical points in time.

Everywhere there are small situations to observe that hint at the fate of the victims as well as real photographs that are directly incorporated into the game world.

Potential questions that may arise during exploration appear at the edge of the screen and accumulate at the bottom of the website. The questions collected link directly to various online sources with more in-depth information

the game within a website framework and embedded online sources
InteractiveInteractive and EducationalEducational Tool

Instead of clicking through a linear story, in Memory Machine you interact with mechanical elements like cranks and levers in a freely explorable diorama. Through its interactivity, players have the speed and content of their choosing. There is a choice of interviews with contemporary witnesses, photo documentaries, and much more.

The game is designed to be used in a teaching context. It can in no way replace historical sources and other formats that convey factual knowledge. It offers a basic framework with references to sources in various digital formats to show the full range of knowledge freely available today. Thus, it exemplifies the process of teaching students to learn on their own.

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