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Hello lovely visitor! My name is Max and I am Game Developer from Berlin, born and grew up here. I enjoy woodworking, classic movies, playing different instruments, conversations about topics like nuclear physics, and obviously games. My passion for games and especially video games sparked when I was a little boy. Back then my brother showed me all kinds of games from the SNES, and Game Boy, to the Playstation and PC. That’s when I knew that I want to build games on my own. After making some rough board games in my after-school time, I started programming my own little turn-based Arena RPG in Java, when I was 16.

I was so in love with the development of making games and seeing the happy faces when people were playing my games, that I decided to study Game Design at the BTK – University of Applied Science Europe, which I finished in February 2021. Since that and until now I am working as a Freelance Game Developer with skills ranging from Art to Design with some spices of Coding.


Pixel Art, 3D Art, Level Design and Game Design


Memory Machine – Commercial Project for Amcha Germany

Brutus – Bachelor Project

Windwalker – University Project

Corona World – Commercial Project for Browser Ballett

Spiel das HKW – Commercial Project for Haus der Kulturen der Welt Berlin

Chopperboy – University Project

Gemrock – University Project

A case for Watson – University Project

Contu – University Project

TalksTalks andand PresentationsPresentations

Gamesfest – Narrative Design “A case for Watson” – Berlin 04/2019, Germany

Game Design @ University of Applied Science Europe – Yes! Bar Camp – Introduction to ZBrush – Berlin 12/2018

TeachingTeaching ExperienceExperience

Lecturer @ Hochschule FreseniusLevel Design Basics – Berlin Present

Lecturer @ Hochschule Fresenius3D Asset Production – Berlin Present

Lecturer University of Applied Science Europe –Tools and Technologies II – 2D & 3D Assets Production for Unity – Berlin 05/2022 – 07/2022

AdditionalAdditional ExperienceExperience

Volunteer at Gamesweek Berlin, 04/2019

Game Tester at Yager (The Cycle), 08/2018

Game Tester at Yager (The Cycle), 06/2018

Game Tester at TreasureHunt Studio (Pet Paradise), 05/2018

AdditionalAdditional ProjectsProjects

Indie Arena Booth 2022 – Level Designer

Hamburg Games Conference 2022 – Level Designer

MAG Erfurt 2021 – Level Designer

Dreamhack Beyond 2021 –  Level Designer

Vauth Sagel Interzum 2021 – 3D Artist & Level Designer