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This project was a test of making a 3D online exhibition. The goal was to create a virtual space where people around the world could get together and playfully look at the products of Vauth Sagel. My role was to build the assets in a modular way, so the level designer and I could build levels for the visitors

MyMy RolesRoles
  • 3D Art
  • Level Design

Vauth Sagel had a strict picture of what kind of assets and visuals they wanted. 
That’s why I had to make some assets from the original .cat files. 

For that, I had to reimport and transform the .cat file into a .obj to use it properly in Blender. I used flat-colored materials to keep the performance requirements low because the exhibition was accessed via the web.

ScreenshotsScreenshots ofof thethe ExhibitionExhibition andand thethe builtbuilt levelslevels